What Our Clients Have to Say

Why Choose Pawsitive Hands for Your Dog?

"I have a 14 and a half year old Golden Retreiver who has been having some arthritis/joint issues in his hind quarters for a few years now. He is on a special food, takes an oral dose of medicine similar to human Advil each morning as well as a daily supplement to help ease his joint issues.

Wendy has worked on Cody a few times now, using both massage as well as Reiki. I saw a marked increase in his mobility after the very first massage. He moves more freely now, goes up and down our stairs with greater ease and I have to say that in the last couple of weeks we have noticed that he is almost up to a rather quick trot on his walks, something we haven’t seen in a couple of years. We aren’t used to having to “catch up” to him. People are always commenting that he looks remarkably spry for his age, and I have to at least give partial credit to Wendy and her loving massages and treatment.

Wendy is a genuine dog lover, she has a very easy going way about her, makes the dogs feel very comfortable and you can tell that she loves what she does. I would definitely recommend Pawsitive Hands to anyone who is having similar issues with their dogs. There is nothing invasive with the procedure, the dogs enjoy the added attention and the results speak for themselves."

Sandy Macrae, August 2014 (Markham, Ontario)

"We would only leave our dog with Wendy when we were away. Cardie (our dog) was always so excited to see Wendy that she never looked back - just wagged her tail and walked right into the house. Wendy’s always caring and is such a dedicated individual. I was very satisfied and always felt comfortable and relaxed on holidays, knowing that our dog was in such good hands"

Melinda Stott, July23, 2014

"Wendy has an amazing passion and connection to dogs. Her understanding of their unconditional love to their family owners leads to her desire to give back and to ensure they don't suffer and are comforted in every way possible. Our Golden instinctually knows that she takes great care of him and he adores her -- they're smart ... they know!!!!"

Deb Nowak and Marley (Markam Ontario)