What Dogs Would Benefit From Massage?

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All puppies grow at different rates and all dogs, especially large breed dog will benefit from massage as massage will allow the stretched muscle to relax and release endorphins to reduce the aches and pains of growing. Young dogs will get used to the human/dog interaction and will be more willing to be touched and/or examined.

Dogs recovering from surgeries or injuries:

With a Veterinarian’s consent, massage can help in the healing process, promoting blood circulation to shorten the time required for soft tissue to heal. Massage can make a significant improvement in the healing of sprains, torn ligaments, strained muscles and most surgery procedures.

When a limb has been operated on, the opposite limb may compensate by being overworked. Massage will help rebalance the body to eliminate any excess strain on these limbs.

Geriatric/Palliative Dogs:

Massage is very beneficial to older/senior dogs. Massage will help with arthritis, muscle atrophy, circulatory problems, decreased nerve action. After massage, they will feel more energetic, and rejuvenated. Senior’s coats will improve as there is an increase in blood circulation. Blood flow will increase the body temperature, and in turn warm muscles to aid in overall movement.

Service Dogs, Therapy or Dogs with Jobs:

Massage will benefit dogs that are responsible for the well being of others. Massage will relax and calm the dog before or after his work is completed.